Ben Byng

Ben Byng

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Ben Byng
  • Ben Byng: CDC Green Drake


    Hook- #14 light wire scud/Czech nymph style
    Thread- olive
    Body- olive superfine dubbing
    Wing-post-natural cdc dyed dark olive
    Wing-post side-yellow dyed mallard flank
    Hackle-med. Dyed dun rooster neck

  • Ben Byng: Skwala Stone Dry Fly


    Hook- #10 2 x long dry
    Thread- black for the back section and orange for the front
    Egg- black foam
    Tails- brown goose biots
    Body- dark olive/green micro chenille
    Under wing- anti static mylar
    Over wing- root beer micro crystal flash
    Main wing and head- medium dun cdc

  • Ben Byng: AP Pontoon Emerger


    Hook- #16 light wire scud
    Thread- Pmd yellow 8/0
    Tail/shuck- brown zelon
    Body- pmd yellow superfine
    Wing and legs- medium dun cdc
    Head- pmd/yellow superfine dubbing

  • Ben Byng: AP Pontoon Dun


    Hook- #16 standard dry fly hook
    Thread- pmd yellow 8/0
    Tail- medium dun hackle fibers
    Body- pmd yellow superfine dubbing
    Wings and legs- medium dun cdc
    Head- pmd yellow superfine dubbing

  • Ben Byng: Guinea Fowl Parachute


    Hook: Daiichi 1190 #14
    Thread: 8/0 Tan
    Tail: Dun Hackle
    Body: Tan Dubbing
    Thorax: Tan Dubbing
    Wing post: Guinea Fowl Feather
    Legs: Dun Hackle.

  • Ben Byng: CDC Yellow Sally


    Hook: Tiemco 5212BL #12-#16
    Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0 Tan
    Undertail: Z-lon Amber
    Tail: Wood Duck Flank Fibers
    Abdomen: 1/3 Dubbing Flourescent Orange 2/3 Dubbing Creamy Yellow
    Wing: Z-lon Dun
    Thorax: Dubbing Creamy Yellow
    Hackle: CDC Light Dun
    Wing Case: Ethafoam Thin

  • Ben Byng: Damsel Lite

    This fly is great for the skinny damsel nymphs found in lakes in the Sierra Nevadas.


    Hook: Daiichi 1270 size 8
    Thread: 8/0 Olive
    Eyes: Mono
    Tail: Jay Fair brown/olive marabou
    Body: Jay Fair brown/olive marabou ribbed with chartreuce flashabou
    Thorax: Jay Fair brown/olive long s...

  • Ben Byng: CDC Caddis

    Great highly visible caddis pattern.

    Hook: Daiichi 1190 #16
    Thread: 8/0 Tan
    Tail: Amber z-lon
    Body: Light olive Hairtron dubbing, ribbed with opal flash
    Wing: Tan CDC, topped with partridge
    Legs: Ginger Hackle.
    Head: CDC and Partridge