Matt Willhelm

Matt Willhelm

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Matt Willhelm
  • Jacklin's Spruce Moth - Matt Wilhelm

    Matt Wilhelm of the Yellowstone Fly Fishing school shows how to tie this spruce moth pattern developed originally by Bob Jacklin

  • March Brown Soft Hackle - Matt Wilhelm

    Matt Wilhelm ties up another great trout pattern for us, the March Brown Soft Hackle. He also has some great info about the insects and how they shed their exoskeleton in this one. You can find more about Matt at Yellowstone Fly Fishing School

    Hook: DaiRiki #125 Size 12 Curve Shanked Eme...

  • Happy Meal Grey Drake Cripple - Matt Wilhelm

    Matt Wilhelm of the ties up another great mayfly fly tying pattern for trout. Matt is no neophyte to fly fishing for trout and many other species. He's been teaching and guiding for decades. This dry fly pattern not only looks elegant to us but also to tho...

  • The Clod Hopper - Matt Wilhelm

    Matt Wilhelm is an educator and guide in Livingston, MT. You can find out more about him at
    This pattern was originated by Paul Stimson and can be good as a hopper pattern, a bigger golden stonefly pattern, as a salmon fly, and as a skwala. This tutorial ...

  • Matt Wilhelm: Grey Drake Cripple


    Thread: 6/0 Gray
    Hook: Dai Riki #320 dry fly hook sz 12
    Tail: Gray Z-lon
    Body: Gray goose biot
    Thorax: Gray dubbing
    Hackle: Gray rooster saddle
    Wing: Elk

  • Matt Wilhelm: SOH Streamer


    Thread: 3/0 to match
    Hook: Dai Riki #710 streamer hook
    Tail: Olive marabou
    Body: Verigated Chenille
    Wing: Rabbit super strip
    Legs: Black rubber bands
    Hackle: Hen hackle
    Eyes: Medium barbell eyes

  • Matt Wilhelm: March Brown Emerger


    Thread: 6/0 brown
    Hook: Dai Riki #125 emerger hook sz 12-14
    Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
    Body: Turkey tail fibers
    Rib: Small copper or silver wire
    Thorax: Tan dubbing
    Hackle: Hungarian Partridge