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Watch Al Ritt: ARF Tung-Syn PT

Watch Al Ritt: ARF Tung-Syn PT

Al Ritt: ARF Tung-Syn PT

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 6m 44s

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  • Al Ritt: L2HF Harey Yellowstone


    Hook: Tiemco 100 or 101
    Thread: UTC 70 Denier
    Body: Yellow Super Fine Dubbing
    Thorax: Yellow Super Fine Dubbing
    Wing: White (winter phase) hair from the bottom of a snowshoe hare’s hind foot
    Egg Sack: Red Foam
    Trailing Bubbles: 2 strands of Mirage Opal Flash
    Rib: Yellow Dyed Gri...

  • Al Ritt: L2H Slim Flash Damsel

    From Al:
    I grew up in Michigan and have fished as long as I can remember. After graduating college, I moved to California and gravitated toward fly fishing almost exclusively. I have been tying “seriously” since 1983 and have been a tying instructor both independently and for several Colorado fl...

  • Ben Byng: CDC Yellow Sally


    Hook: Tiemco 5212BL #12-#16
    Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0 Tan
    Undertail: Z-lon Amber
    Tail: Wood Duck Flank Fibers
    Abdomen: 1/3 Dubbing Flourescent Orange 2/3 Dubbing Creamy Yellow
    Wing: Z-lon Dun
    Thorax: Dubbing Creamy Yellow
    Hackle: CDC Light Dun
    Wing Case: Ethafoam Thin