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Watch Boots Allen: Monkey Mouse

Watch Boots Allen: Monkey Mouse

Boots Allen: Monkey Mouse

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 13m

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  • Bob Jacklin: Giant Salmon Fly Nymph


    Hook: Dai-Riki #270 or Tiemco #200R, sizes 2,4,6
    Thread: Black, 3/0 or 140 Denier Nylon
    Tail: Two Black Goose Biots
    Body: Bicycle Tire Inner Tube, Cut to shape and wrapped over #2 lead wire
    Thorax: Tan Australian Opossum Dubbing
    Wing Cases: Bicycle Inner Tube, cut to shape
    Legs: N...

  • Dandy Reiner: Stock Body CDC Drake Dun


    Hook: Dai-Riki 320 12-10
    Thread: Red 8/0
    Body: Cock De Leon stems-stripped of feathers
    Wing: CDC-Natural Dun or Natural Dyed Olive
    Thorax & Head: Superfine Dubbing-Olive Brown
    Tail: Moose hair-4or5 strands

  • Boots Allen: Double Humpy


    Hook: Any standard dry fly hook, sizes 6 to 10.
    Thread: Yellow, orange, green, or red 3/0 flat wax.
    Tail and Body: Mule deer hair from the neck and facial area.
    Hackle: Fine grizzly hackle. I typically will use silver or gold label hackle from Whiting Farms.