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Watch Brandon Tueller: Thunder Multi

Watch Brandon Tueller: Thunder Multi

Brandon Tueller: Thunder Multi

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 11m

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  • Dave Bloom: The Buzzball

    Dave was born and raised in Great Falls and has spent his life fishing the waters of southwest Montana. He began his guiding career in 1985 on the Henry’s Fork, the South Fork of the Snake and the Teton in Idaho. In 1995, he moved closer to home when he guided on the famous Montana rivers around ...

  • Charles Barton: Pinecone

    From Charles:
    I have been tying stuff onto hooks for a long time. It began with poppers and jig heads, which served the fishing I was taught to do by my father. By the age of twelve I was approaching burn out from fishing the warm water mud pit impoundments of central Arkansas. Dear ol` Dad save...

  • Boots Allen: Quad Bunny


    Hook: Mustad 34011, Size 1/0.
    Thread: Black 3/0 Flat Wax Nylon
    Bead: Tungsten Cone and Bead Combo
    Underbody: Olive Magnum Zonker Strip
    Overbody: Black Magnum Zonker Strip.
    Lateral Line: Barred Red Zonker Strip
    Collar: Peacock Herl