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Watch Brandon Tueller: Zig-Zag

Watch Brandon Tueller: Zig-Zag

Brandon Tueller: Zig-Zag

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 14m

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  • Dan Delekta: Delekable CDC Elk Hair C...


    Hook: Std. Dry Fly; sizes #14, #16, #18
    Thread: 6/0 Brown Danville
    Body: Ice Dub UV Cinnamon
    Hackle: Whiting Brown Furnace
    Rib: Fine Gold Wire
    Under wing: CDC Dun (Gray) color tied full
    Over wing: Light Bull Elk
    Legs: Sili legs Nymph size Brown Solid
    Head: Dubbed head to match ...

  • Howard Cole: Unusual Usual Flav Biot ...


    Hook: Dai-Riki 300 #14 & #16
    Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0 Olive Dun
    Undertail: Z-lon Amber or CDC Gold/ Amber
    Tail: Wood Duck Flank Fibers
    Abdomen: Goose or Turkey Biot Olive
    Thorax: Dubbing Dark Olive
    Wing: Snowshoe Rabbit Dark Dun
    Hackle: Saddle or Cape Hackle Grizzly/Olive

  • Tim Tollet: Abaco Bunny


    Hook: TMC 800s in 2, 4, 6, 8
    Thread: Flat A Pink
    Eyes: Size 5/32" gold Real Eyes w/ brigh orange stick on eyes
    Tail: Tan Rabbit with 3 Lt clear/hot orange Wiggle Legs
    Body: Tan Rabbit, dubbed
    Weed Guard: .22" Mason hard mono