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Watch Dave McKee: Caicos Critter

Watch Dave McKee: Caicos Critter

Dave McKee: Caicos Critter

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 10m

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  • Dandy Reiner: Spentwing CDC Caddis


    Hook: Dai-Riki 320, size 16-18
    Thread: Brown 8/0
    Reinforcement: Monofiliment clear
    Thorax: Superfine dubbing-medium brown
    Wing: CDC-natural brown
    Body: Goose biot-tan

  • Clark "Cheech" Pierce: Grumpy Frumpy


    Hook: TMC 100 #14 (or 8-20)
    Thread: Red 70 denier
    Tail: Fly Tyer's Dungeon shuck yarn (brown)
    Body: Yellow floss
    Humps: Rainy's evazote foam (camel)
    Band: Red thread
    Hackle: Brown saddle hackle
    Wing: White poly yarn
    Legs: White small round rubber marked with sharpie

  • Dave Tucker: Green Hornet

    Hook: Daiichi #2051
    Thread: Orange 8/0 Uni Thread
    Body: Pink Wool
    Ribbing: Fine Oval Silver Tinsel
    Hackle: Hot Orange Schlappen
    Throat Hackle: Purple Mallard Flank
    Wing: 4 Shrimp Orange Neck Hackles tied back to back