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Watch Dean Riner: Wilted Spinach

Watch Dean Riner: Wilted Spinach

Dean Riner: Wilted Spinach

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 10m

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  • Charles Barton: Universal Spey

    Hook: Daiichi salmon fly hooks size 3/0 down to size 10
    Thread: Clear Mono
    Eyes: Barbell or bead chain (he uses Wapsi "Real Eyes")
    Tag: Holographic Tinsel wound down the hook bend and back up
    Body: Pine squirrel zonker palmered to just behind the eye.
    Collar: Whiting Spey feather, a...

  • Doug McKnight: Sasquatch


    Hook: 4x-6x long Streamer hook
    Thread: UTC 140
    Eyes: Lead Dumbbell eyes
    Tail: Brown and Burnt Umber Marabou
    Legs: Tan speckled rubber legs
    Body: Woodchuck Hair spun into a loop of Med. gauge wire

  • Howard Cole: Yellow Sally


    Hook: Tiemco 5212BL #12-#16
    Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0 Tan
    Undertail: Z-lon Amber
    Tail: Wood Duck Flank Fibers
    Abdomen: 1/3 Dubbing Flourescent Orange 2/3 Dubbing Creamy Yellow
    Wing: Z-lon Dun
    Thorax: Dubbing Creamy Yellow
    Hackle: CDC Light Dun
    Wing Case: Ethafoam Thin