Watch Doug McKnight: ER Crab

Watch Doug McKnight: ER Crab

Doug McKnight: ER Crab

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 10m

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  • Doug McKnight: Deer Hair Slider


    Thread: Flat Wax Nylon
    Eyes: Doll Eyes
    Tail: 4-6 Saddle eyes
    Body: Spun Deer Hair trimmed to Bullet Shape
    Weed Guard: Heavy Mono

  • Harley Reno: Orcky

    Hook: Mustad 32756 or Eagle Claw 570 in sizes 2,4,6, or 8
    Thread: Danville's size A thread in Black, Brown, tan, or Green
    Eyes: Dazl-eyes in black in size 7/32, 3/16, or 5/32
    Antennae: Matched pair of 6 inch long saddle hackles
    Pincers: Two 3 inch long brown saddle hackles
    Tail: thr...

  • Jay Buchner: Jay Dave's Hopper


    Hook: Mustad 9671, Dai Riki 280
    Thread: 3/0 mono to match body color
    Tail: Dyed red Elk
    Body: Polypropolene Yarn
    Hackle: Brown or badger
    UnderWing: deer hair
    OverWing: Turkey tail sprayed with urethane
    Legs: Golden pheasant tail fibers knotted
    Head: Deer Hair Spun in 2 bunches