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Watch Doug McKnight: Whisper Shrimp

Watch Doug McKnight: Whisper Shrimp

Doug McKnight: Whisper Shrimp

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 11m

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  • Doug McKnight: Rasta Puff

    Hook: Std Saltwater #2-8
    Thread: UTC 140 color to suit
    Eyes: Bead chain
    Wing: Polar fiber color to suit, spanflex, flash
    Legs: spanflex, colored with permanent marker
    Head: Antron Crystal chenille, color and size to suit

  • Doug McKnight: Road Warrior Damsel


    Hook: TMC 2488H #12
    Thread: Olive UTC 140
    Body: Pearl core Braid Olive
    Tail: Olive Ostrich Herl
    Wingcase: Olive Turkey Biots
    Thorax: Olive dubbing
    Legs: Dyed olive Ringneck pheasant saddle hackles
    eyes: Mono nymph eyes

  • Doug McKnight: Home Invader


    Hook: Tiemco 700 #1/0-8
    Thread: White Flat waxed Nylon, White UTC140 for smaller sizes
    Eyes/weight: Lead wire, painted dumbell eyes
    Body: White Marabou, White Fox Tail
    Flash: Silver Flashabou, UV Herring Back Krystal Flash, Black Flashabou
    Sides: Badger Rooster Neck Hackles