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Watch Kieran Frye: KC's Stonefly

Watch Kieran Frye: KC's Stonefly

Kieran Frye: KC's Stonefly

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 9m 49s

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  • Kieran Frye: KC's Woodchuck Nymph


    Hook: Mustad curved nymph 12-14
    Thread: Black 8/0 Uni
    Tail: Small bunch of Groundhog guard hairs
    Abdomen: Lucent Chenille – color to match natural
    Wingcase: Whiting Henback tied in by the tip and pulled over or mottled turkey
    Thorax: Ice dubbing to match natural

  • Rick Wollum: Krystal Flash Chironomid

    Rick started flyfishing at the age of six, at an uncle's cabin in Minnesota for bluegill. Flyfishing quickly became a lifetime pursuit in Colorado, with Rick spending a lot of time fishing Colorado's South Platte while he attended Denver University. He then started guiding with mentor Steve Herte...

  • Rick Wollum: Ricks Rhycophilia


    8/O Olive thread
    200r Tiemco Hook
    Scud Back 1/8 inch tan
    Insect Green Beaver Dubbing
    Gold Wire
    Pheasant tail Tippets
    Rust Colored Beaver Dubbing