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Watch Shannon McCormick: Tube-Truder

Watch Shannon McCormick: Tube-Truder

Shannon McCormick: Tube-Truder

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 14m

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  • Howard Cole: UCONN Emerger


    Hook: Tiemco 900BL #14-#20
    Thorax: Glass Bead 11/0-15/0 Diamond
    Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0 Rusty Dun
    Tail: Z-lon Amber
    Body: Dubbing Dark Olive
    Overbody: Z-lon Dark Olive
    Wing: Deer Hair

  • Pete Boll: Eumer Steelhead Killer

  • James Warren: Billfish Popper


    Hook: Owner AKI 6/0 (two hooks)
    Eyes: 1/2" Silver Prismatic Stick on
    Tail: Yellow, Chartreuse, Turquoise, Green Griz Schlappen
    Head: Foam Cylendar, Gold Tape, Pantone Markers