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Watch Steve Potter: Dahlberg Diver

Watch Steve Potter: Dahlberg Diver

Steve Potter: Dahlberg Diver

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 22m

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  • Jerry Criss: Beadhead Calibaetis


    Bead: One size smaller than normal for hook size
    Hook: Mustad 390613 #18 to #12
    Thread: Rusty Dun 8/0
    Tail: Lemon Duck or Moose Body
    Body: Hare’s ear
    Rib: Fine Brass
    Thorax: Hare’s ear or darker fur wing-case: pheasant tail, flash material, or Moose body
    Legs: Partridge - Light ...

  • Jerry Criss: BWO Softhackle

    Hook: #20 to #14 TMC -102y or Light wire dry fly hook
    Thread: Rusty Dun to grey 14/0 to 8/0
    Tails: Micro-Fibits or Coq de Leon
    Body: Goose Biot, Blue Wing Olive
    Thorax: Possum - Seal or Mole Fur
    Hackle: Dun Soft Hackle

  • Jerry Criss: Damsel Nymph


    Hook: TMC 206 BL #16-#14
    Thread: Lt Olive
    Tail: Lt olive arctic fox tail hairs
    Body: Med-dark Olive arctic fox under fur
    Body Veiling: Lt olive fox tail hair
    eyes: Plastic eye or bead chain eyes, blk or olive