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Watch Willy Self: Micro Zonker

Watch Willy Self: Micro Zonker

Willy Self: Micro Zonker

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 12m

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  • Wayne Luallen: Stuck Shuck Midge


    Hook: Daiichi 1140 or 1130, #20-24, or Daiichi 1110 #20-26
    Thread: Benecchi 12/0
    Tail: Microzelon, pearlescent mylar, opalescent mylar (all can be left straight, twisted, or furled), and/or Whiting Farms Grizzly Hackle tip.
    Abdomen: Flat thread
    Rib: Optional – twisted thread

  • Wayne Luallen: CDC Spinner


    Hook: Daiichi 1110, #14-22
    Thread: Danville’s Flymaster 6/0
    Tail: Most any hard hair or synthetic
    Abdomen: Thread or dubbing blend
    Rib: Twisted thread
    Thorax: Dubbing blend
    Wing - Type 1 or 2 Nature's Spirit Goose CDC feather(s) - (Note: See article about CDC by Hans Weilenmann )...

  • Willy Self: Willy's Squirrel Cray


    dia-riki 285 #10-6
    antennae - flexi-floss & orange marabou
    thin skin of your choice(lt olive fly spec used)
    Squirrel stripped zonker color of choice.
    Hen soft hackle(choice)
    Medium wire or magic stretch
    Lt olive dubbing or color of choice.