Boots Allen: Booty's Baitfish

Boots Allen: Booty's Baitfish

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Hook: Standard 1/0 or 2/0 saltwater hook (example- Mustad 34007)
Thread: Chartruese 3/0 flat wax nylon
Body: Ice or Krystal Flash chenille, gold or light olive
Top Wing: Super Hair or Crinkle Hair, blue
Interior Lateral Line: Krystal Flash chenille - gold or pearl
Exterior Lateral Line: Super Hair or Crinkle Hair, sea-foam green or olive
Belly Wing: Super Hair or Crinkle Hair, light blue.

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Boots Allen: Booty's Baitfish

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  • Boots Allen: Booty's Mahogany Emerger


    Hook: Standard dry fly or emerger hook, size 10 to 16
    Thread: Black 6/0 or 8/0
    Shuck: Brown ostrich herl
    Abdomen: Brown camel dubbing
    Ribbing: Fine 5 grain gold or copper wire
    Thorax: .5mm closed cell razor foam, tan
    Hackle: Brown Rooster
    Wing: Dark Gray EP Fibers