Saltwater Patterns

Saltwater Patterns

Fly Tying Patterns for Salt Water Species

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Saltwater Patterns
  • Doug McKnight: Slingblade Spoonfly


    Hook: Mustad #34011 stainless long shank #1/0-6
    Thread: UTC 140 color to suit
    Weight: .010-.025 lead wire
    Eyes: black Laquer applied with a toothpick
    Tail: Rabbit fur, flash, sili legs
    Body: Brassie size ultra wire, epoxy, glitter, model paint; Epoxy turner is handy for this one

  • James Warren: Clouser Minnow

    Hook: Any streamer hook. Stainless steel for saltwater.
    Thread: Fine mono
    Eyes: Lead or dumbbell eyes to match fishing conditions and water depth. Use zap-a-gap to secure to hook prior to tying
    Body: White and pink Ice Fur or similar synthetic. Bucktail also works very well and was th...

  • Steve Potter: Swimming Baitfish

    Hook: Daiichi 2546
    Thread: Gudebrod GX2 or Danville's Flat Waxed Nylon 210 Denier
    Body: SF blend White Botton, Tan Top
    Head: Stacked Deer Hair or Cow Elk Whit on Bottom, Tan top

  • Doug McKnight: Deer Hair Slider


    Thread: Flat Wax Nylon
    Eyes: Doll Eyes
    Tail: 4-6 Saddle eyes
    Body: Spun Deer Hair trimmed to Bullet Shape
    Weed Guard: Heavy Mono

  • Dave McKee: Caicos Critter


    Hook: SKII3H #2-#4
    Thread: Pink Flatwax Nylon
    Tail: Barred Pumpkin Rubberlegs - nymph
    Dubbing: UV Ice Dub or Hairs Ear
    Eyes: Black Bead Chain
    Wing: Gator Hair - tan; Red Fox body; UV Pearl Krystal Flash
    Legs: Sili Legs barred Pumpkin - nymph

  • Dave McKee: Shrimp Cocktail

    This is writer and outfitter Dave McKee of Dave McKee Flyfishing, LLC out of Bozeman, MT. He specializes in both trout and carp fishing in SW Montana as well as being an Umpqua signature tier, he writes a weekly outdoors column for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, and he's developed his own line of c...

  • Tim Tollet: Smidget

    Hook: TMC 2488, fished wet. Daiichi 1640 for fishing it dry
    Thread: 8/0 Uni Thread, in lt Cahill, Olive, Rust, or Brown
    Tail: Lt Brown, Olive, Red, or Grey Antron body yarn
    Body: 8/0 Uni Thread, in lt Cahill, Olive, Rust, or Brown
    Over-body: McFly foam in Lt Yellow, Flats Crab Tan, M...

  • Boots Allen: Booty's Baitfish


    Hook: Standard 1/0 or 2/0 saltwater hook (example- Mustad 34007)
    Thread: Chartruese 3/0 flat wax nylon
    Body: Ice or Krystal Flash chenille, gold or light olive
    Top Wing: Super Hair or Crinkle Hair, blue
    Interior Lateral Line: Krystal Flash chenille - gold or pearl
    Exterior Lateral...

  • Tim Tollet: Abaco Bunny


    Hook: TMC 800s in 2, 4, 6, 8
    Thread: Flat A Pink
    Eyes: Size 5/32" gold Real Eyes w/ brigh orange stick on eyes
    Tail: Tan Rabbit with 3 Lt clear/hot orange Wiggle Legs
    Body: Tan Rabbit, dubbed
    Weed Guard: .22" Mason hard mono

  • James Warren: Gotcha

    Hook: Any stainless saltwater hook, size 8 – 2 to match conditions
    Thread: 6/0 pink
    Eyes: Dumbbell eyes to match water depth. Tie pattern blind (no eyes), or with different size eyes to match the conditions you are fishing.
    Tail: n/a although original pattern calls for a tail of unrav...

  • Dave Bloom: Leadeye Gotcha


    Hook: Gamakatsu #2 SW
    Thread: Shell Pink FW
    Eyes: Med Lead Eye
    Tail/Body: Pearl flat braid
    Wing: Sand Craft Fur and Pearl Krystal Flash
    Glue: 30 min Epoxy

  • Dave Bloom: Foxy Charlie


    Hook: Gamakatsu #5 Saltwater
    Thread: Tan
    Body: clear tubing
    Underbody: Pearl Flashabou
    Wing: Arctic Fox

  • Boots Allen: My My Shrimp


    Hook: Dai-Riki 135, Size 8-12
    Thread: Clear, fine monochord
    Eyes: Black dumbbell eyes, size to match hook
    Antennae: Pearlescent Silli Legs
    Body: Pearl Diamond Braid
    Hackle: White
    Shellback: White or tan Scud Skin
    Ribbing: Fine black wire

  • Dan Delekta: Delektable Boneyard


    Hook: Gamakatsu #SL11-3H in sizes #2, #4, #6, #8
    Thread: Pink 3/0 Uni-thread
    Eyes: For sizes #6 and #8 size small silver bead chain eyes; size #4 Medium Silver bead chain eyes; size #2 Real Eyes plus 5/32” Nickel/Red. All eyes to be super glued to Hook Shank.
    Tail: Six strands of Kr...

  • Charles Barton: Belizeable


    Hook: Daiichi 2143, size 1(red straight bend back eye salmon hook)
    Thread: Clear Mono
    Tag: Holographic Tinsel wound deeply onto the bend and back
    Body: Three separate Whiting Farms spey hackles, wound on from the tag forward. Colors can vary but the last feather (the veil) should al...

  • Charles Barton: Universal Spey

    Hook: Daiichi salmon fly hooks size 3/0 down to size 10
    Thread: Clear Mono
    Eyes: Barbell or bead chain (he uses Wapsi "Real Eyes")
    Tag: Holographic Tinsel wound down the hook bend and back up
    Body: Pine squirrel zonker palmered to just behind the eye.
    Collar: Whiting Spey feather, a...

  • James Warren: The Gurgler


    Hook: Stainless Steel 1/0
    Thread: Gray 3/0
    Tail: Equal parts white and gray Ice Fur or similar product (ep fibers, fishhair, ect). Tie in with darker color in the dorsal position.
    Body: Pearl Cactus chenille or similar. Webby grizzly hackle palmered up body, longest hackle to the fr...

  • Doug McKnight: Rasta Puff

    Hook: Std Saltwater #2-8
    Thread: UTC 140 color to suit
    Eyes: Bead chain
    Wing: Polar fiber color to suit, spanflex, flash
    Legs: spanflex, colored with permanent marker
    Head: Antron Crystal chenille, color and size to suit

  • James Warren: Tasty Toad


    Hook: Stainless Steel, Size 2
    Thread: Chartreuse 6/0
    Eyes: Lead eyes, zap a gapped to hook
    Tail: Tan marabou tips, grizzly hackle tips, 2 – 4 strands tan midge flash per side on tail
    Body: Chartreuse Ice Fur

  • Doug McKnight: ER Crab


    Hook: TMC 811s
    thread: Chartruese UTC 140
    Eyes: Lead Dumbell
    Tail: Marabou, rooster neck hackles, krystal flash
    legs: Natural color rubber legs, colored with Sharpie markers
    Body: Furry foam split in half, glues together with Zap Goo

  • Tim Tollet: Sexy 60's Crab


    Hook: TMC 800s in 2, 4, 6, 8
    Thread: Flat A Pink
    Eyes: Size 3/16" gold Real Eyes w/ brigh orange stick on eyes
    Tail: Light Tan marabou w/ 3 clear/hot Wiggle legs
    Body: guts of dyed Super Pearlescent Mylar Tubing, size XL (light blue, yellow, light Pink, lime, and pearl)
    Under Body...

  • Doug McKnight: Whisper Shrimp


    Hook: Std. Saltwater #1/0-8
    Thread: UTC 140 color to suit
    Tail: Tan craft fur or Polar fiber, orange pearl crystal flash
    Antennae: Long strands of Black Pearl crystal flash, white spanflex colored with pink, tan sharpie markers
    Eyes: Shrimp/crab eyes
    Claws: Pair of rooster neck ha...

  • Doug McKnight: Crimp


    Hook: Std. Saltwater #2-6
    Thread: UTC 140 color to suit
    Weight: Lead or bead chain eyes to suit
    Eyes: glass bead on #16 mono, dipped in epoxy
    Tail: craft fur, spanflex, krystal flash
    Body: sparkle yarn, colors to suit
    Wing: craft fur, krystal flash
    Legs: spanflex
    Weed guard: 12...

  • James Warren: Pink Sailfish Fly


    Hook: Owner AKI 6/0 (two hooks)
    Thread: Red "B26 Fly"
    Eyes: 1/2" Silver Prismatic Stick on
    Body: Pink Schaden
    Thorax: Pink Marabou
    Overwing and Head: 3/4" Foam popper head/w Pink Prismatic Tape