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  • Boots Allen: Brown Drake Emerger

    Boots Allen Ties his Brown Drake Emerger.
    Runtime: 19:42

    Boots Allen is a third generation guide and outfitter from Western Wyoming. Over the last 18 years, he has had the opportunity to fish and guide at destinations around the world, including Argentina, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Costa ...

  • Boots Allen: Quick Descent Baetis Nymph

  • Boots Allen: Elk Liver Nymph

  • Boots Allen: Booty's PMD Emerger

  • Boots Allen: Booty's Baitfish


    Hook: Standard 1/0 or 2/0 saltwater hook (example- Mustad 34007)
    Thread: Chartruese 3/0 flat wax nylon
    Body: Ice or Krystal Flash chenille, gold or light olive
    Top Wing: Super Hair or Crinkle Hair, blue
    Interior Lateral Line: Krystal Flash chenille - gold or pearl
    Exterior Lateral...

  • Boots Allen: Lantham Crayfish


    Hook: Alec Jackson style 1/0 salmon hook (example- TMC 7999)
    Thread: UTC 140, Burnt Orange
    Claws: Ringneck pheasant neck feathers (those coming off the neck saddles directly posterior of white ringneck feathers)
    Appendages: Four strands of copper Flashabou, plus two strands of peaco...

  • Boots Allen: Booty's Mahogany Emerger


    Hook: Standard dry fly or emerger hook, size 10 to 16
    Thread: Black 6/0 or 8/0
    Shuck: Brown ostrich herl
    Abdomen: Brown camel dubbing
    Ribbing: Fine 5 grain gold or copper wire
    Thorax: .5mm closed cell razor foam, tan
    Hackle: Brown Rooster
    Wing: Dark Gray EP Fibers

  • Boots Allen: Tara-X


    Hook: standard dry fly hook, sizes 4 to 10.
    Thread: 3/0 in gray, yellow, green, brown, cream, or orange.
    Tail: golden pheasant neck feathers or Amherst pheasant neck feathers.
    Body: 1 mm two or single color foam. Dubbing can be used as an alternative. A variety of color can be used....