• James Warren: Pink Sailfish Fly


    Hook: Owner AKI 6/0 (two hooks)
    Thread: Red "B26 Fly"
    Eyes: 1/2" Silver Prismatic Stick on
    Body: Pink Schaden
    Thorax: Pink Marabou
    Overwing and Head: 3/4" Foam popper head/w Pink Prismatic Tape

  • James Warren: Billfish Popper


    Hook: Owner AKI 6/0 (two hooks)
    Eyes: 1/2" Silver Prismatic Stick on
    Tail: Yellow, Chartreuse, Turquoise, Green Griz Schlappen
    Head: Foam Cylendar, Gold Tape, Pantone Markers

  • James Warren: The Gurgler


    Hook: Stainless Steel 1/0
    Thread: Gray 3/0
    Tail: Equal parts white and gray Ice Fur or similar product (ep fibers, fishhair, ect). Tie in with darker color in the dorsal position.
    Body: Pearl Cactus chenille or similar. Webby grizzly hackle palmered up body, longest hackle to the fr...

  • James Warren: Tasty Toad


    Hook: Stainless Steel, Size 2
    Thread: Chartreuse 6/0
    Eyes: Lead eyes, zap a gapped to hook
    Tail: Tan marabou tips, grizzly hackle tips, 2 – 4 strands tan midge flash per side on tail
    Body: Chartreuse Ice Fur

  • James Warren: Gotcha

    Hook: Any stainless saltwater hook, size 8 – 2 to match conditions
    Thread: 6/0 pink
    Eyes: Dumbbell eyes to match water depth. Tie pattern blind (no eyes), or with different size eyes to match the conditions you are fishing.
    Tail: n/a although original pattern calls for a tail of unrav...

  • James Warren: Clouser Minnow

    Hook: Any streamer hook. Stainless steel for saltwater.
    Thread: Fine mono
    Eyes: Lead or dumbbell eyes to match fishing conditions and water depth. Use zap-a-gap to secure to hook prior to tying
    Body: White and pink Ice Fur or similar synthetic. Bucktail also works very well and was th...