Warm Water Patterns

Warm Water Patterns

Fly patterns for Warm water species

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Warm Water Patterns
  • Charles Barton: Pinecone

    From Charles:
    I have been tying stuff onto hooks for a long time. It began with poppers and jig heads, which served the fishing I was taught to do by my father. By the age of twelve I was approaching burn out from fishing the warm water mud pit impoundments of central Arkansas. Dear ol` Dad save...

  • Charles Barton: Universal Spey

    Hook: Daiichi salmon fly hooks size 3/0 down to size 10
    Thread: Clear Mono
    Eyes: Barbell or bead chain (he uses Wapsi "Real Eyes")
    Tag: Holographic Tinsel wound down the hook bend and back up
    Body: Pine squirrel zonker palmered to just behind the eye.
    Collar: Whiting Spey feather, a...

  • Doug McKnight: Sasquatch


    Hook: 4x-6x long Streamer hook
    Thread: UTC 140
    Eyes: Lead Dumbbell eyes
    Tail: Brown and Burnt Umber Marabou
    Legs: Tan speckled rubber legs
    Body: Woodchuck Hair spun into a loop of Med. gauge wire

  • Steve Potter: Dahlberg Rabbit Strip Diver

  • Willy Self: Willy's Squirrel Cray


    dia-riki 285 #10-6
    antennae - flexi-floss & orange marabou
    thin skin of your choice(lt olive fly spec used)
    Squirrel stripped zonker color of choice.
    Hen soft hackle(choice)
    Medium wire or magic stretch
    Lt olive dubbing or color of choice.

  • Willy Self: Willy's UV Cray


    Hook: size#8 dia-riki 280
    Thread: olive thread 3/0 mono
    Ribbing: black flexy floss
    Underbody: orange marabou
    Body: mottled olive and black flake(slither skin)soon to be on thw market.
    Dubbing: Light olive u.v.dudding
    Pincers: slither cone skin cut pinchers
    Hackle: olive grizzley...

  • Jesse Riding: J's Spidey Sense

    Hook: Standard Scud Hook Size 12
    Thread: Black 6/0
    Eyes: Rainy’s Bug Eyes
    Body: Rainy’s Black 1/8” Evazote (Cut to shape)
    Hackle: Black Dry Fly Saddle
    Legs: Black Sili Legs
    Indicator: Orange Acrylic paint
    Species used for: Panfish, Bass, Trout, etc.
    Places specifically used a lot...

  • Ben Byng: Damsel Lite

    This fly is great for the skinny damsel nymphs found in lakes in the Sierra Nevadas.


    Hook: Daiichi 1270 size 8
    Thread: 8/0 Olive
    Eyes: Mono
    Tail: Jay Fair brown/olive marabou
    Body: Jay Fair brown/olive marabou ribbed with chartreuce flashabou
    Thorax: Jay Fair brown/olive long s...

  • Boots Allen: Lantham Crayfish


    Hook: Alec Jackson style 1/0 salmon hook (example- TMC 7999)
    Thread: UTC 140, Burnt Orange
    Claws: Ringneck pheasant neck feathers (those coming off the neck saddles directly posterior of white ringneck feathers)
    Appendages: Four strands of copper Flashabou, plus two strands of peaco...

  • Harley Reno: Elvira


    Hook: Mustad 32756 or Eagle Claw 570 in 4, 6, 8
    Thread: Danville's 3/0 waxed monocord in black, brown, or green
    Eyes: Dazl-eyes in black or brass in 3/16 or 5/32
    Tail: Black Marabou
    Hackle: Rope made of Four strands Krystal Flas in ultraviolet or pearl, 1 Grizzly saddle hackle, 1 b...

  • Doug McKnight: Deer Hair Popper


    Hook: Bass bug hook, or standard saltwater hook.
    Thread: Flat waxed nylon white
    Tail: 3 or four pairs of wide webby Rooster neck hackle, white, brown, yellow dyed grizzly, crystal flash
    Head/Body: Deer belly Hair white; Deer body hair, brown, Black
    Legs: 3 or 4 medium round rubber ...

  • Doug McKnight: Deer Hair Slider


    Thread: Flat Wax Nylon
    Eyes: Doll Eyes
    Tail: 4-6 Saddle eyes
    Body: Spun Deer Hair trimmed to Bullet Shape
    Weed Guard: Heavy Mono

  • Steve Potter: Cicada


    Hook: Daiichi 1750 size 8
    Thread: Flat Waxed Nylon
    Body: Stacked Deer Hair, white on top for fisherman
    Antenna: Hackle stem
    Legs: Centiped Legs, medium
    Hackle: Oversized neck hackle, just at the hook gap

  • Dave McKee: Carp Pattern


    Hook: Dai Riki 710 #4
    Thread: Black Fwn
    Tail/Wing: Black Rabbit Strip
    Rib: Copper Wire
    Body: verigated chenille
    Fin: India Hen
    Head: Black Deer Hair / White Deer Hair

  • Steve Potter: Dahlberg Diver


    Hook: Daiichi 2546
    Thread: Gudebrod GX2 or Danville's Flat Waxed Nylon 210 Denier
    Legs: Krystal Flash Pearl, Three or Four Whiting American Rooster Hackleplaced on each side of the hook away from each other.
    Head: Stacked Deer Hair or Cow Elk Your choice of colors. I like mellow nat...