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Watch Jerry Criss: BWO Pullover

Watch Jerry Criss: BWO Pullover

Jerry Criss: BWO Pullover

The Weekly Fly: The Entire Library • 10m

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  • Jerry Criss: Partridge and Green

    Hook: #18-#10 standard wet fly hook
    Thread: Rust Dun
    Body: Green Superlon – Beading cord or silk
    Floss: Persahair
    Thorax: Peacock Herl
    Hackle: Partridge

  • Jerry Criss: TLF Deer Hair Emerger


    Hook: Klinkhamer #16-#20 or lt wire scud #16-#14
    Thread: Rusty dun or Tan
    Tailing Shuck: Antron or poly, 8-10 strands cream or white
    Body: Danville stretch nylon
    Rib: Fine Silver wire
    Wing: Deer Hair (fine)
    Hackle: Fire or Grizzly

  • Jerry Criss: Bleeding Minnow


    Hook: 200r or 2X streamer hook #4 to # 10
    Thread: 8/0 rusty dun to olive "UNI"
    Tail: Grey Artic Fox Tail
    Underbody: Fine foil lead with the rest of the Tailing material wrapped forward
    Body: Mylar ribbon material to match your water
    Throat: White to grey artic fox tail
    Wing: Grey...